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    RTC4Water: software that provides a new level of automation and predictive control

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    Get more performance from your existing infrastructure and reduce your staff’s administrative workload

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    Do more with less: our intelligent automation software continuously optimizes the efficiency of your network 

Artificial Intelligence Software for Water Infrastructure Administrators

Intelligent software that automatically and continuously optimizes your water distribution or wastewater collection system. Once configured, the system monitors your SCADA systems to ensure that your tanks or basins are fully utilized.

Reduce Operational Workload

Reduces operational tasks and handles data communication issues. Our Global Predictive Controller™ ensures that your network automatically adapts to maintenance or emergency events.

Lower Operating Costs and Improve Water Quality

Unplanned purchases from your water supplier costs money. Pumping costs money. Pressure fluctuations endanger integrity. Our system will help reduce these operational costs as well as wear and tear on equipment.


RTC4Water helps towns, syndicates, water utilities, local governments and even countries better utilize their existing wastewater collection and water distribution infrastructure by developing and implementing artificial intelligence-based network management software tools. We offer our clients a unique combination of industry expertise and the latest in model predictive control technologies. We believe that water and wastewater network managers should have the tools and expertise necessary to deliver better performance to their stakeholders without incurring large costs or burdensome technologies.

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