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1. How much do your services cost?

RTC4Water works with clients who have small networks (i.e.. one basin, serving 1.500 citizens) as well as national, multi-jurisdictional organizations which serve large geographical areas. Each project is unique in that we first evaluate your infrastructure and goals and then create a tailored project with cost estimates. When taking into account long-term maintenance and personnel costs, we have seen that our solution adds only a few cents to each cubic meter delivered to your clients. Please see our case studies to learn more.   

2. Once I install your software am I required to continue working with you?

We have developed our software to be as autonomous and robust as possible. Our GPC software module will be designed and installed so that a person with a programming background can access and modify the code. We are happy to offer training if you believe that your team would like to have more control over your GPC module. However please know that some modules and tools are proprietary to RTC4Water and we do not wish to sub-license our software to other organizations at this time. 

3. How do you work with your clients? 

From past projects, we understand how important it is to take the time to really understand your needs and concerns.

  1. The first step is to understand our client’s specific needs and goals. We then develop a step-by-step project proposal where the client can clearly determine the project’s deliverables and be able to assess progress.
  2. Next, we model your network using software tools that have been tested and validated by both academic and industry professionals. This model provides the foundation for the development of the GPC software tool.
  3. We then develop a control strategy based on your needs and goals. Optimization algorithms are applied and a testing environment is developed to validate and optimize the GPC’s operating parameters.
  4. Then, in three carefully planned stages, we install the GPC on your system and insure that it works properly. Training can be provided but most of our clients find that this is not needed.
  5. Finally, we monitor the software remotely for 6 months to iron out any unwanted behavior. Our experience has shown us that some staff may need some time to learn to trust our system and that some small changes to the control strategy may be necessary.

4. What information do you need from us?

Typically, we start with standard infrastructure data (schematics and technical drawings provided by your engineering/construction partners) and then collect geographical data. We then examine the basin types, sources, physical infrastructure and pipes. We then make a survey of your SCADA and PLC controllers and examine the levels of controls currently in place. Finally, any information about internet connectivity or electricity supply is taken into account. 

5. Are maintenance and support contracts available?

Yes. Please feel free to ask us about how our other clients have handled this decision.

6. If you go out of business, how will we continue to use the software?

We hope to be around for a long time, however we understand that water/wastewater administrators need to think about the long-term impact of new technologies and services. As described above, the GPC code can be accessed by an experienced IT professional and therefore we believe that this greatly diminishes the level of risk for our clients.

7. How long does a "typical" project take?

As with the answer to the cost estimate, it all depends on the scope and scale of the project. Evaluating and mapping your system is the most time intensive part of the process. Once this has been completed, the implementation and validation of the software/model goes very quickly. Based on past projects, we may be able to generate a rough estimate for you on request. In practice, implementation of our software is often performed in conjunction with a general upgrade of a system under consideration and this means that RTC4Water usually is ahead of the overall delivery schedule. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs further.