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RTC4Water was created to bring more efficient solutions to our customers by helping them adopt the lasted practices and knowledge from the research and academic communities. Everyone on our team has worked directly with publicly funded research programs and understands how to partner with universities and research centers to bring new technologies and concepts to industry. We actively participate in European Union funded research projects and are always open to partnerships with both public and commercial actors. Specifically, we can help your organization:


  • Develop R&D projects with leading universities and Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs)
  • Consult with your team to find funding for R&D research programs
  • Work with industry leading hardware or software providers to assess new solutions specific to your problems
  • Please see the Customer Use Case section of our web site to see the types of R&D projects we have successfully completed


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas that you might have.

BeProAct focuses entirely on the maintenance of infrastructures (water, roads, bridges). Our mission is to use global predictive controllers (GPCs) to identify water infrastructures that are on the verge of experiencing "issues" and to fix them just before the problems occur. MPC, 14-day forecasts, digital twins, optimization of the entire urban water cycle - we offer it all. Artificial intelligence for the management of water infrastructures, developed in our little corner in Luxembourg, Europe! #Water #InterregNWE